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Small kitchens

The average kitchen in the UK is of a modest size. Glossy magazines and catalogues feature kitchens that are large and this makes smaller ones seem inadequate. However, good kitchen designers relish the challenge of small kitchens and take pride in creating space while incorporating generous storage facilities and all the appliances you want.

Space-saving, fitted kitchen cabinets

Quality kitchen manufacturers make a huge range of cabinet sizes to customer order so there is no need to waste precious inches with filler panels. Ingenious internal fittings give easy access within cabinets and again ensure that every inch of space is available for use.

Wall cabinets can be extended to reach the ceiling to accommodate rarely used items and reduce dust traps.

There are even special cupboards and hardware for cutlery, spices and implements between the floor and wall cabinets. The wasted space at plinth level can be fitted with drawers or even heaters.

Slim-line kitchen appliances

Special slimline appliances offer modern facilities in a reduced space. Cooling and laundry appliances can be stacked and you may even select a double oven that fits under the worktop. A two ring hob will allow extra worktop surface and glazed wall cabinets will give the impression of more space.

Appliance brands also offer fantastic built in steam ovens, coffee machines and microwaves that will leave your worktop clutter-free. Some national kitchen manufacturers are even installing flat-screen TVs within wall units to offer you a hi-tech kitchen in a small space!

Colour schemes for small kitchens

Choose light colours such as white, cream, pastels, pine or limed wood effects; or go for high gloss units to reflect the light. Kitchen worktops have a strong visual impact and they too should be light in colour, giving a mild contrast to your choice of cabinet. You can then go for stronger contrasts with your choice of tile colour and shape.

Together all theses suggestions will maximise space and minimise clutter, proving that even the smallest kitchen can be beautiful as well as functional.




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